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In the world of business, it’s a popular belief that everyone has the key, it’s just a matter of using it”. The question here is, how? Either you get on the plan of opening your own profitable business and start from scratch, or go the easy way and just franchise business! It will be easier and faster for you start your money making dream through a new business.

Lucky for you, there are a lot of small business for sale ontario! You can choose from an ice cream cafe, a sports bar and tandoori grill, an arcade bar with arcade games for sale, scare houses, and a laundromat business. These are perfect for business tycoons and business brokers Ontario.


Businesses for sale around Ontario


Business Location Space[sqft]
Ice cream Cafe Palmerston, Ontario Canada
Sports bar and Tandoori Grill Palmerston, Ontario Canada
Games / Arcade Bar Palmerston, Ontario Canada
Scare Houses / Horror House Saint Thomas, Ontario Canada 5000 sqft
Laundromat Business Saint Thomas / Palmerston / Napanee, Ontario Canada 600-1500 sqft


If you’re tired of being bossed around, get this and that, do this and that, then maybe it’s time to stand up on your own and build your own profitable business in Canada.


Here’s why it’s a good idea for you should franchise a new business:

Creativity at its Fullest — Planning to start your own business can be terrifying but deep down, the thought of designing it from interiors to exteriors and everything big or small is all up to you. You get to unleash your creativity, with of course, the help of professionals.

Flexibility — Having your own business has its perks like you get to call the shots, you are the boss anyway. So working on your own hours is very much possible and now there would be more time for both friends and family. You get to make the rules here!

No Pressure with Deadlines— You are the boss now, so those last-minute rush of tasks can be avoided or taken care of properly by you. You get to set your own deadlines this time.

Meet New People — With a new business that will soon rise and now, you can call it your own, you’ll of course need people to help you make the business a success. You will be able to build relationships with your customers, make connections with different people such as business brokers Ontario and the like. Meeting new people and helping each other in the process is an exciting experience.

Now Focus on Yourself — If you’ve always dreamed of having your own business or franchising one, then it’s never too late to start now. It’s time to step up the game and take risks, everything will always be worth it in the end.

Business in Canada is never a bad idea, whether you decide to set it up in London Ontario, Windsor Ontario, or wherever. There are many ideas and opportunities that needs action such as a sports bar business, coffee shop business, laundromats, etc. — the possibilities are endless! You just have to be open-minded


Buying a Small Business tips

To buy a business means taking the time and energy to make plans, conduct studies, and do some research. There’s always the option of buying an existing business or to franchise, but never underestimate the knowledge you can get out of research. Every information is vital to your decision making.

  • Research
  • Choose between franchise business and traditional business
  • Evaluate the chosen kind of business
  • Assess your financial capabilities
  • Final considerations for buying a business

Two Kinds of Businesses

When getting into a new business venture, figure out first if you want to go for a franchise or traditional (also known as independent). Both has its fair share of advantages and disadvantages so you have to really weigh the options clearly.



  • Impressive Accomplishments — Franchising a well-established business means minimal risk of failure and fewer primary capital rather starting anew. The business itself have an image and quality to maintain; so when you franchise from them and sell their products, it will be smooth sailing.

  • Innate Client Support — When you choose to franchise a well-known business, people would know what to expect since they trust and are loyal to the brand, their product and maybe even their service.

  • Structure, Backing and Drill — When franchising from an acclaimed business, you should also be able to maintain their exquisite framework and interior. In the process, part of what you should maintain is their system on how they keep their quality and brand in check and growing.

  • Managing the Guidelines — Though the company you franchised already have their set of rules and regulations to follow, this makes it an advantage for you to relax and concentrate on the things that are needs more of your attention like the sales and the like.


  • You’re in Control — Unlike franchise, setting up your business means you have the power to everything. You set up your rules and you manage the whole business yourself, the progress or loss of the business rests entirely on you.

  • No Fees and Nobility — What you earn from the business you built is all yours and the people you hired to help improve it, to share with.

  • Risky Freedom — While your business is becoming a success, you now have potential to help other business who is the brink of losing the game. But you also must be ready for the consequences it’ll cost if things don’t go the way you want them to.

Evaluate the chosen kind of business

After choosing between franchise and independent business, evaluate its potential and see if it really is suitable for you and your financial capabilities. Here are some questions to guide through the evaluation process:

  • Physical Aspects — What will it look like? (Office, Storefront, Retail or Warehouse) Where could the possible locations be? Will you lease or buy a space of your own?
  • What equipment will be needed? How will you go about the inventory?
  • Does this business have a good reputation? Does it have any previous bad record?
  • Are the products and services of this business generating revenue? Are the products seasonal? Are there suppliers for this you could choose from? Think of the cost of production, shipping and transportation of goods. You can correlate this with the location to lower the cost of transportation.
  • How are the products/services marketed and advertised?
  • What’s the current state of its competitors? Are they using the same methods? How can you be different from them?
  • How many employees do you need? What is your store/office hours?
  • What is the business market share?

Assess your financial capabilities

Take a look at your finances and your records and see if you have enough to start your planned business that could cover everything you need. You may hire a financial expert to help you sort it out and advise you on what to do or how to spend it wisely.

Final considerations for buying a business

When you are finally convinced to either come up with your own business or buy one, make sure you consider the time to authenticate all valid information given before actually committing to it. Have a background check on all products and services the business has to offer. And always keep in mind, those information you gathered plays an important role in decision-making.


Having all that said, are you ready to set-up your very own money making establishment? Set up your own business and franchise today! Invest now, succeed later. Send us a message today!